Microsoft Flight Simulator XEdit

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), is the 10th version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator, produced by Microsoft Game Studios. Released in 

October 2006, the game was the first of the Flight Simulator games to be released on DVD-ROM. It is also the first Flight Simulator software that uses licensing keys, meaning the user doesn't need to insert the game disc into their PC to play.

The game is also the first of the Flight Simulator series to feature online multiplayer, using the Gamespy client. In December 2012, Gamespy shut down the online multiplayer for Flight Simulator X.

FSX: Steam Edition was released by Dovetail Games on the Steam platform in 2014. It is currently considered the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Microsoft Flight Simulator X was released in three editions: Standard; Deluxe; Gold. The Deluxe edition includes several additional features, such as a built-in Software Development Kit, three new airplanes, and the ability to play as an Air Traffic Controller whilst using the online multiplayer. Gold edition combines both the Deluxe editions and the Acceleration Pack.

New FeaturesEdit

Flight Simulator X had been marketed by Microsoft as the most technological advancement the Flight Simulator series had ever seen. FSX includes many new features, such as:

• Improved graphics, texture resolutions, road data, 3D animals and star constellations

• Improved airport traffic, such as interactive jetways, baggage trucks, pushtrucks and fuel trucks

• Improved Air Traffic Control procedures

• New and improved aircraft, improvements include 'Fasten Seatbelts' switch, APU switches, fire protection

• Ability to play as an Air Traffic Controller (online and on Deluxe modes only)

• Maximum altitude in the game is increased 100,000,000ft

• Camera shake in the vertical cockpit in situations such as turbulence

• Aircraft can now cast shadows on themselves

• Aircraft interiors and exteriors are now different files, allowing mods to create different liveries much easier