Flight Simulator X Wiki

I.General Commands[]

Pause  P
End Flight  Esc
Display/Hide Menus Alt (hold down) 
Kneeboard  Shift+F10 
Idle Throttle F1
Faster (Increase Throttle) F2
Slower (Decrease Throttle) F3
Full Throttle F4
Sound (On or Off) Q

II.On the Ground[]

Parking Brake Apply/Release Parking Brake Apply/Release CTRL + .
Brakes Apply/Release  .
Attach/Detach Jetways (Aircraft must have the right properties) CTRL + J
Request Fuel Truck Shift + F

III.In the Air[]

In the Aircraft

Landing Gear Up/Down (G)
Retract Flaps Fully (F5)
Retract Flaps Incrementally (F6)
Extend Flaps Incrementally (F7)
Extend Flaps Fully (F8)

IV.View Commands[]

Zoom In Equal Sign (=) Zoom Out Hyphen (-) Select Views F9-F12 Cycle View Categories S Cycle Views within a Category A Cycle 2-D Panel Views W

V.Mission Commands[]

Display/Hide Mission Compass and Pointer U Cycle Mission Compass and Pointer K Reset Mission Ctrl+Semicolon (;) Save Mission Semicolon (;)